Would you like your brand beamed directly into the homes of the UK based Pakistani community? If the answer is, “YES”, then you’ll want to speak with us. Via the multitude of Pakistani television channels aired in the UK, Time and Space Media can make it happen.

We have the expertise, experience, knowledge, and buying power to design and deliver successful marketing campaigns that will give your brand the exposure and penetration required in a growing and competitive market.

Our dedicated team provide smart analysis (e.g. viewer ratings – see the budget calculator below) for all the channels and understand that the Pakistani community here put real value on entertainment, reliable information, and a sense of belonging.

We plan, develop, and deliver strategic media plans, which will give you a high return on investment and a loyal following among your target audience.

Our campaign calculator below will help you to cost the budget per campaign. All you have to do is select the channel, enter the duration of spots, no. of spots, and you will get your monthly budget.
Could it be any simpler than that?
Please do get in touch to discuss how we can help to deliver your desired outcomes.


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