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Every media platform or medium requires certain message to be communicated to potential consumer or customer and it starts with the development of creative message to start with. The advertising of the past and of recent past was called traditional or conventional marketing communication. The word traditional or conventional is generally used for the media like television, radio, newspaper and outdoor. The digital media is called the media of new generation. As in case of electronic media, the means to carry message are television and radio. In case of digital media, the means are computer desktops/laptops/tabs and mobiles phones with internet. It is also called the internet media, because internet provides the facility to communicate with end user, who is eventually a prospective consumer or customer of many services and products.
The internet or digital media have further classifications and branches and one of the most popular categories is social media. The social media with its footprint and location wise bifurcation provides hundreds of option to tap specific customers of particular demographics anywhere in the world.
The service we provide for the promotion of brands and services on digital media, starts with making of right kind of appropriate content .The content which is called creative message in conventional advertising. The content is further described as text based, image based, flash banners, smart animations or a video (made specifically for digital media).
Some brands have their thematic messages, corporate grids, they use as their signature copy across every platform. They ensure integrated copy to be used on all media to maintain brand positioning across the Global, if they are a multinational entity. However, the modern high-tech media provides opportunity to run a campaign in specific location catering specific audience of even an ethnic origin.
We motivate the client to discuss with us, the areas in his mind for the promotion of brand and we conceive appropriate creative message as per the demographics of targeted audience. The conception of creative ideas prior to the development of content for digital media is our primary focus. We ensure concentrated and quality time to be given to the development of creative messages before going into the dissemination of the message.
The dissemination of the message is the second phase and most important one. This phase is highly crucial and risky as well, since the money spent n cycle have been started and the return on investment have to be actualized. This stage in our case is where we design a digital media strategy for the brand.
Our team of experts, after getting complete brief from the client/brand manager and come up with properly conceived strategy for the promotion of brand.
This process involves a comprehensive juggling of data and picking the right kind of platforms to get maximum value of money for the spent. It is generally assumed that advertising on internet means advertising on Facebook or one or the other social media or it is just the selection of Google adwords and breaking of the campaign is next step .The internet media ,seems to be easy for the handlers and with excessive availability of the internet ,it doesn’t look like big task to launch a campaign .If analyzed carefully , there are many chances that money spent on impressions is totally wasted and Return on investment seems to be a dream . The professional digital media services, we provide to ensure transparency and to get value of money for the client.
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